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Working on board a cruise ship can truly be a memorable experience. Considering that majority of the cruise ships weigh 70,000 tonnes on an average and carry about 1800 passengers and 800 crew, it is all but a bustling city in itself. Added to this are crew from 25 different countries, all working in tandem to provide the ultimate passenger satisfaction. Not only is this an excellent way to learn about different cultures, but also a good opportunity to forge life long friendships.

One of the many perks of working on board a cruise ship is the chance to visit different countries in the course of a voyage. With the ship touching a port almost everyday, you can have a leisurely stroll around the city center or even take part in a conducted tour to see the various places of interest in your off duty hours. Why not savor the local cuisine at a street side café or restaurant when you are at it? It is hard to imagine any other career, which will let you roam around the world, doing what you enjoy the most and getting paid for it. As your food and board is free on board, saving potentials are enormous, making a ship board career an extremely lucrative one.

Most of our cruise ships feature the most modern recreational facilities for crew, since we strongly believe in "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" credo. For example, there are crew recreational areas on board with swimming pools, Jacuzzis and mini cricket and football pitches. There is a fully equipped crew gym for those of you who are bitten by the fitness bug, crew libraries for those who are intellectually inclined and cyber café's to help you keep in touch with your friends and families. A Medical Centre , equipped to carry out everything from X Rays to minor surgeries, is on hand at all hours should you require urgent medical attention. Crew Launderettes take care of all those personal washing chores, while your uniforms are freshly laundered free of charge, by the ship's laundry.

After a hard day's work what better way to unwind than with a chilled glass of beer in the ship's very own crew bar. Operational at various times in a day, the crew bar is the perfect venue to catch up with your friends and have a chat. During certain days you might even catch the crew bar doubling up as an upscale nightclub, complete with a DJ belting out top tunes and state of the art light and sound effects. There are many events organized by the crew club throughout a cruise, which you are actively encouraged to participate. Theme parties like the Diwali party, 70's disco party, Desi party, Bingo nights etc are very popular with the crew.

During your tenure on board you will be assigned a cabin, which may or may not be sharing depending upon your rank. There are bunk beds with a small wardrobe and a chest of drawers inside. Your cabin will have wall-to -wall carpeting, a TV, telephone and on most ships will include a self-contained bathroom and toilet facility. Living in an enclosed space can sometimes be challenging, hence patience and regard for others is not merely a virtue, but a necessary tool for survival when working on board.

Now for the hard part. A cruise ship job often involves long working hours (10 to 12 hours, sometimes even more). Normal length of contracts on board is six to nine months with virtually no days off. However you are free to step outside the ship, when in port, on your off duty hours. Living away from home for some can be a daunting experience and it is completely dependant on crew to adapt themselves to a new working environment. The sooner you do it, the sooner you will find enjoying your job and time on board.

All that is required for you to excel in your job on board a cruise ship is a clear and focused approach, keeping passenger comfort in mind at all times. This will ensure not only the highest levels of passenger satisfaction but also a rewarding experience for you, financially and professionally.

To get a first hand account of life on board, we have chronicled some experiences of four of our crew working on board. Follow the links below to get an actual feel of how life is on board straight from the crew.

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