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Working on board a cruise ship can truly be a memorable experience. Considering that majority of the cruise ships weigh 70,000 tonnes on an average and carry about 1800 passengers and 800 crew, it is all but a bustling city in itself. Added to this are crew from 25 different countries, all working in tandem to provide the ultimate passenger satisfaction. Not only is this an excellent way to learn about different cultures, but also a good opportunity to forge life long friendships.

One of the many perks of working on board a cruise ship is the chance to visit different countries in the course of a voyage. With the ship touching a port almost everyday, you can have a leisurely stroll around the city center or even take part in a conducted tour to see the various places of interest in your off duty hours. Why not savor the local cuisine at a street side café or restaurant when you are at it? It is hard to imagine any other career, which will let you roam around the world, doing what you enjoy the most and getting paid for it. As your food and board is free on board, saving potentials are enormous, making a ship board career an extremely lucrative one.More>>

A day in the life of an Accommodation Supervisor
Hello friends. My name is Sandesh Malekar and I work as an Accommodation Supervisor on board the P&O Cruises ship - MV Aurora. I have been associated with P&O Cruises for 4 years, having joined them in the year 2000 as a Junior Supervisor. More>>
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